Monday, February 25, 2008

Wedding Cakes

Here are a few cakes that are anything but the traditional white bridal cake:

1. Present Cakes

First, who doesn't love presents?! Second of all, who doesn't love cake?! So, cake designers came up with the great idea of combining the two to make a one of a kind wedding cake! I loved the present cake idea so much that I decided to use the idea for my own wedding! :)

2. Monogrammed Cakes

Mongrammed cakes have become very popular in recent years and are a great way to personalize your wedding! If you use a mongram cake topper, try to continue the mongrammed theme throughout your wedding. Personalize your invitations, guest favors, or even lighting for your reception!

3. Miniature Cakes

Mini or individual cakes as they are sometimes refered to are just the cutest in my opinion! These cakes are usually displayed on each table at the wedding reception and have 8-10 slices. Each cake can be decorated differently and usually have their own unique flavor and filling.

4. Artistic Cakes

This type of decorative artwork displayed on wedding cakes is becoming more popular as more brides are turning away from the traditional white wedding cake and turning towards unique and artistic designs. These days, bakeries and cake designers will make just about anything you ask them to! See something in a magazine you love? Tear the picture out and bring it to your local bakery and chances are they'll be happy to match the design for you!

5. Cupcakes

Ok, I saved the best for last! :) Who would ever have thought that cupcakes would ever replace the traditional wedding cake?! I certainly didn't! Not only are these a cute idea, but they are also a great money saver! With the average traditional 3-tier wedding cake costing more than $500, cupcakes are becoming a popular trend in today's weddings.

Images from the Knot.

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