Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wedding Gown Silhouettes

Whew! Wedding season is in full swing now…things have been quite busy here, but great nonetheless! It’s been a few days since I’ve had the chance to sit down and post, but today’s topic is all about finding the perfect gown for YOUR body type! Finding the gown with the “perfect fit” can be challenging in itself; however, there is hope if you do your research ahead of time.

First off, here is a quick run down of the basic wedding gown silhouettes:

A-line or Princess: Cut close to the hip with a slight flare at the hem line thus creating an “A” shape

Ball Gown: Fitted bodice that leads to a very full skirt (the “Cinderella” look)

Empire: High waist line that is cropped just below the bust from where the skirt flares

Mermaid: Body hugging gown that flares just below the knee

Sheath: Slim silhouette that closely follows the lines of your body

Ok, now that we have a basic idea of the various types of gown silhouettes, let’s discuss choosing the correct one for your body type.

Petite: If you have a petite frame, there is one very key item to keep in mind – not letting the dress wear you. It’s easy for a petite woman to get lost in her wedding gown; therefore, it’s important to choose a gown that compliments your body frame. Choice gowns for you: Sheath or A-line.

Thin: A thin frame can handle the majority of gown silhouettes, so the choices are amble for you! Choice gowns for you: Ball gown or Sheath.

Full Figure: The most important thing when choosing your gown is that you feel comfortable and have the support you need, especially for woman with a full chest. If you have a full chest, invest in a great support garment or try a body "minimizer" underneath your gown for a quickie way to a slimmer figure! Choice gowns for you: Ball gown or A-line.

Hourglass: You have curves in all the right places! Congrats! What better way to show off your figure than with your wedding gown. A Mermaid silhouette will surely showcase your curves and definitely make your husband smile! Choice gowns for you: A-line or Mermaid.

Pear Shape: It's all about proportion here! Balancing your upper body to your lower body. If you have wider hips, an empire silhouette is a fantastic way to conceal that. The focus is directed towards your upper body, rather than your lower half. Choice gowns for you: Empire or Ball gown.


Anonymous said...

Great advice, thanks Sumer!

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Wow....What a lovely dress....