Thursday, June 5, 2008

Naming your Reception Tables

A great way to personalize your reception and add a touch of character is to name your reception tables instead of just numbering them. Most people still choose to number them (for order & direction of course), but are also creating unique names to go along with the numbers! Here are some examples that I've seen:

  • Using travel destinations that the couple has traveled to together (Ex: Table 1 - Cape Cod, Table 2 - The Hampton's, etc...)
  • Using words that describe love/marriage (Ex: Table 1 - Devotion, Table 2 - Laughter)
  • Using your European honeymoon as inspiration (Ex: Table 1 - The Eiffel Tower, etc...)
  • Using various flower names (Ex: Table 1 - Lilly, etc...)
  • Using a favorite love poem or lyrics from a song and then choosing meaningful words from those to name your tables

The possibilities are really endless! If you want to add an extra attention to detail factor in your overall wedding design, naming your tables is a great way to do this!

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