Monday, July 28, 2008

Attn: Local Wedding Planners

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a new wedding planning business in the area who has taken my information directly off of Simply Perfect Wedding's website and is now using it as their own. Things such as my planning package descriptions/details and FAQ section have literally been copied and pasted (word for word) off my website and on to theirs. I will not mention names; however, I am deeply hurt and quite honestly appalled that someone would actually do such a thing.

I wanted to get the message out there - especially to local Pittsburgh wedding planners who I know have worked hard to build their businesses and take pride in their websites. After all, our websites are our #1 resource for potential clients who are looking for wedding planning services.

Anyone who thinks it is acceptable to copy and paste someone else's hard work and use it as their own clearly cannot be trusted.

Pittsburgh has a wonderful wedding market of great vendors...many of whom I can call personal friends and it is a shame that this has happened.

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Kelli said...

Oh gosh! I'm so sorry that has happend to you ~ it's horrible that someone is that lazy and cannot come up with their own thoughts and ideas!!