Friday, September 12, 2008

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Church

It can be tricky for couples to decide on a church when getting married, especially if they don't belong to the church already or didn't grow up in the church; therefore, it's important for couples to interview several churches to determine the best fit. I've compiled a list of questions to ask potential churches to help couples in the selection process. No matter what your religion, these questions will help get you off on the right track!

1. Are there membership requirements in order to be married here? If so, how long must we be members in order to book our wedding date?

2. Are pre-marital classes required?

3. What are the photography/videography restrictions during the ceremony? Is flash photography permitted?

4. Are there any decorating restrictions? (I.e. real flowers vs. silk flowers, isle runner restrictions, bird seed/rice throwing restrictions etc…)

5. What is the time frame allotted for ceremony? When can we enter the church before ceremony and how long after ceremony must we leave by?

6. Are there any receiving line restrictions after ceremony is over?

7. What are the fees associated with renting church for ceremony AND rehearsal? Are there additional fees for priests, altar servers, ceremony musicians, custodians, etc…?

8. Are there any designated parking facilities? Will the church block off section for limo/bridal party transportation?

9. Who is responsible for cleaning up after ceremony?

10. Are there any rules regarding wedding ceremony dates/times? (Some churches will actually have specific times that wedding ceremonies must be held at; for example, only Saturdays at 2pm or 4pm)

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