Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedding Planning Stress Busters

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about your upcoming wedding? Check out our top 5 stress busters to get you back feeling like your fabulous self:

Tip # 1: Exercise - Exercising releases endorphins, which naturally help to improve your mood and fight stress. Even if you're just hitting the treadmill, make it a point to find time to work out at least 2-3 times per week. Beating stress and losing those last 5lbs before the wedding is a great motivator!

Tip # 2: Maintain your "me" time - Take an hour every night to focus on YOU. Whether it's taking a relaxing bubble bath, reading a good book, or watching your favorite episode of "Sex and the City", it's important to maintain your alone time. Everyone needs a little time to themselves each day...especially in the months leading up to your big day!

Tip # 3: Schedule a spa day - Gather your bridesmaids and MOH and head to a spa for the day. Indulge on massages, pedicures, and manicures...after all, nothing is more relaxing than being pampered, right?!

Tip #4: Get a hobby - Now I know it's hard to set aside time for a hobby when you feel like you have 1,001 things to do for the wedding, but it's important to do something you love when you're feeling stressed. Take a few hours out of your week to do something that you enjoy...maybe it's taking a yoga class, scrapbooking, or even brushing up on your cooking skills for your husband-to-be!

Tip # 5: Take a vacation - As Fall is settling in on Western Pennsylvania, head south with your fiance for a few days of R&R. If you can't get the time off from work, then take a weekend road trip for just the two of you...even if you only travel a few hours away, it will be refreshing to get away and focus on each other, rather than the wedding.

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