Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Series: Ask the Planner

I frequently get asked wedding related questions by our blog readers from all over the U.S. and thought I would feature their questions in a new blog series, "Ask the Planner". Not everyone is lucky enough to have a planner and often times when brides without a planner have a question, they turn to wedding related blogs for answers. I've seen a variety of "Ask the Planner" blog series and think that they are really beneficial, so I wanted to start one for the Pittsburgh area.

Here is our first question from a reader in Massachusetts:

Question: "Should I outfit my bridesmaids in the exact same style of dress?"

Answer: It's completely up to you! Do you absolutely have to?! No way! The beauty of weddings today, is that the days of "cookie cutter" weddings are long gone! In fact, a growing trend in the wedding industry is to actually dress your bridesmaids in different styles. Your bridesmaids and you may all be BFF, but that doesn't mean that you all have the same style when it comes to fashion. Every bridesmaid is different, and what may look good on one bridesmaid, may not look good on another. I like the idea of the bride selecting a color palette and then letting each bridesmaid choose their own style of dress from a particular store. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their style of dress will ensure that each bridesmaid is comfortable and happy on your wedding day!

Photo courtesy of The Knot.

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