Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tux Rental 101

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus the last few days due to all the Super Bowl excitement here in Pittsburgh! However, I'm pleased to say that I am back now and wanted to discuss tuxedo rentals today. It's no surprise that many bridal party members are spread out all over the country these days, and when it comes to choosing a company for tuxedo rentals, it can be a bit tricky when one groomsmen is in Denver and the others are in New York. If this situation applies to you, then you have two options:

1. Order your tux rentals through a nationwide tuxedo retailer, such as Men's Wearhouse (also known as MW Tux). Chains like this one make it easy to select tux styles for your entire bridal party either online or in store. Groomsmen can have their measurements taken at their local Men's Wearhouse and then have their tux delivered to a location of their choice. After the wedding, all tux rentals can be returned to a Men's Wearhouse in the city the wedding is taking place. Men's Wearhouse also makes it easy to track your wedding online and allows you to see which groomsmen have been measured and which have not.

2. Now, if going through a nationwide chain is not something you'd like to do, you have an alternate option that not many couples know about. Most local tuxedo rental companies have an "out of town groomsmen" policy that allows your groomsmen to have a professional tailor take their measurements in a location that is convenient for them. After the measurements are taken, they are sent (usually via fax or email) to your local tux rental company. Tux rentals are available for pick up the day before the wedding and can all be returned together after the wedding. Liberty Formals is a great tuxedo rental shop here in the Pittsburgh area that allows for out of town measurements.

Check with your local formal wear rental company for their specific policies and always be sure to select the tux style at least 5-6 months before the wedding. You want to allow your groomsmen (and groom) plenty of time to have their measurements taken. Most companies require that all measurements are completed 1 month prior to the wedding, and some even require them 2 months before. Moral of the story...don't delay! :)

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zooter said...

I have found that it's better to use a tuxedo company that's located where the wedding is taking place. The out of town guests can email or fax their sizes to the local shop and be assured of having everything right. The local tuxedo shop will have all their tuxedo's in house and you will be able to try the actual items on, rather than ordering out of the Men's Wearhouse book. I have found Men's Wearhouse are also way over-priced on the tux rentals. So please shop wisely.