Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Blog Series :: Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

It's no surprise that Green is "in". Infact, you would have to be living underneath a rock to not know that people are becoming more environmentally aware and are choosing products that are eco-friendly versus products that are not. Over the last few weeks I have been compiling a list of simple ways that brides can "Go Green" and make their weddings a bit more eco-friendly. This list inspired me to start a new blog series, Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips. Each week I will feature one of the items on my "Go Green" list.

Our first tip :: Ditch the inner envelope in your invitation suite! Not only is this cost-effective, but it also saves the environment. If you think about it, what purpose does the inner envelope really serve? Sure, it may make your invitation seem a bit more traditional and formal, but is anyone really going to judge if you omit the inner envelope?! Probably not.

If you have an eco-friendly wedding idea that you would to share with us, or have featured on our blog, comment below or email me at: sumer{at}

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