Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coffee + Dessert Reception

It's no secret these days that couples are trying to cut back on their wedding budgets and are paying closer attention to the money that is being spent on their wedding day. With the average dinner reception eating up 50% or more of a couple's wedding budget, it's quite fitting that there be an alternative choice to the typical sit down dinner reception. My personal favorite alternative is the coffee + dessert reception. You can still have the fabulous wedding cake that you've always dreamed of, and in addition, you can add some of your favorite desserts to the mix as well. Donuts, cupcakes, cookies, candy, ice cream...the possibilities are nearly endless! If you're looking to cut the high price tag of alcohol out of the budget as well, then forgo the alcoholic beverages and serve a variety of specialty coffee & dessert drinks instead. Not only is this a great cost-cutting measure, it's also something unique that your wedding guests probably haven't seen before! Enjoy!

{Photo credits}
Photo # 1 - Dessert Bar
Photo # 2 & 3 - Mini Donut Coffee Drinks & Donut Stand

Photo # 4 - Cupcakes
Photo # 5 & 6 - Cookies & Milk & Milkshake Shooters

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