Sunday, August 9, 2009

Light up Your Wedding :: Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a quick + easy way to add character to any event! As you will see from the inspiration below, paper lanterns can be used for almost any wedding style you are trying to achieve...romance, chic, southern charm, rustic, or even contemporary. We've brought in paper lanterns to the design of several of our 2009 weddings, and we're continuing to use them throughout our 2010 weddings as well. Our favorite place to order paper lanterns is from Luna Bazaar. Check out their huge selection of paper lantern products here.

{Photo credits}
Photo # 1 - Romantic Glow
Photo # 2 - Chic Pavilion Wedding
Photo # 3 - Accordion Lanterns
Photo # 4 - Yellow + Lime Green Wedding
Photo # 5 - Rustic Wedding

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Anonymous said...

What kind of LED lights do you have to use? 1 bulb, 3 or 12?