Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skip the Champagne Toast!

I often get asked if the traditional champagne toast is necessary during the reception, and the answer is NO! While you probably still want to keep the toasting tradition, you can definitely remove champagne from the equation. Toasting with champagne can really add up when it comes to your alcohol budget, and the truth is, most guests don't even drink it! As a wedding coordinator, I see a lot from behind-the-scenes and too often I see guests take one sip of their champagne and then never touch it the rest of the night. Most guests will already have a drink in their hand; (whether it be from cocktail hour or wine during dinner) therefore, there is really no need to pay extra for champagne service.

What do you think? Will you skip the champagne toast for your wedding?

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Shell said...

fab idea! we will most likely be skipping the champagne...gotta save money where we can! :)