Friday, November 20, 2009

DIY Save-the-Date Stickers

I just adore these simple, yet creative DIY save-the-date stickers courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings. These stickers are the perfect way to ensure that your guests remember your BIG day! All guests have to do is simply peel and stick to their calendar.

5 simple steps on how to make your own save-the-date stickers at home:

1. Buy 1-inch round labels from an office-supply store, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to download and customize the template.
2. Print labels with your date using a laser printer.
3. Cut each sheet into rows of labels.
4. Laser print note cards with a message to "save the date."
5. Affix a row of labels to each note card with a glue stick.

Content & photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.

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