Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest Book Alternative :: Stone Wishing Well

Yesterday I talked about personalizing your wedding with unique elements, and today's blog post could not be more representative of that idea. I found this photo on InStyle Weddings while browsing the site for wedding inspiration (it's one of my weekly reads). The photo above is from a real wedding where the bride and groom wanted to incorporate a unique guest book idea reflective of their garden-themed nuptials. Each guest was given a smooth stone to hold onto during the ceremony, and then asked to make a wish for the couple. Afterwards, each guest was invited to place their stone into the jar above.

I personally love this unique idea, and feel that it will be something that this couple will display in their home for years to come, and will certainly hold onto forever!

Photo courtesy of InStyle Weddings.

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dognbird said...

This is a very interesting idea!