Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paper Bag Ceremony Programs

There are really no words to describe how much I adore these paper bag ceremony programs that I found on Elizabeth Anne Designs this afternoon! I've seen some unique ceremony programs over the years, but these take the cake for originality! This particular bride & groom filled their bags with rose petals for guests to toss at the end of their outdoor ceremony. You could really fill these with anything that you wanted though...water bottles, sweet treats, confetti, sparklers - you name it! 

Ok, 2010 outdoor ceremony brides - who's up for giving these bags a try?! 

Photo courtesy of Max Wanger via Elizabeth Anne Designs.


pamela marie photography said...

love 'em, sumer! i actually am thinking of using paper bags to make cd sleeves for my own wedding favors... you can see one way of doing it here: http://emptyhousecooperative.blogspot.com/2006/07/dmcs-diy-paper-lunch-bag-cd-covers.html

Simply Perfect Weddings said...

Awesome! Very cute, Pamela! :)

Katie@simplyandforever said...

I have never seen this! Love this idea!