Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"At Home" Engagement Sessions

What a gorgeous day today in the 'burg! It looks like spring is finally on the horizon!  

I was recently asked by one of my couple's if doing an "at home" engagement session was ok, and I wanted to take a few minutes to blog about this topic. My response to them? Absolutely! Obviously, I am not a photographer by any means; however, in my opinion, having your engagement session done in your home can be a great thing. Whether you're bored of the "traditional park photos", or just want to show off your new home together, there are many reasons to shoot your engagement session at home. I personally think that the idea is a great one, and like the idea of capturing the couple in their first home together. Years later, you can look back at the photos and reminisce about what daily life was like back then, and also see how your home decorating style has changed. To see more photos of an "at home" engagement session, click here.

What are your thoughts on "at home" engagement sessions? 

Photo courtesy of Collin Hughes Photography via Love, Milk & Honey


Leeann Marie said...

I think that's an awesome idea! I'd love to shoot an "at home" e-session!

Dan Speicher said...

I love this idea! I havent gotten to start a shoot at someones home for a long time, but it brings such a personal touch into the photos.

You could do something like cook a meal together, or any other home activity, and get something memorable, while turning it into a day full of laughter.

Great post.