Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Blog :: Economical Rehearsal Dinner Options

It's a long one today, but there were quite a few things I wanted to address regarding the topic of rehearsal dinners. Hope you enjoy it! 

Happy Friday!


pamela marie photography said...

i plan on doing a rehearsal picnic at our parents' house, so that all the out-of-towners can make it, too. (as much as you can have a picnic in october!) we want to keep it relaxed and casual so we can just enjoy everyone's company. the wedding day will be hectic enough! there's a great peruvian place in the strip district that has incredibly reasonable rates... we'll be having pulled pork among other things.... absolutely delicious!!!

Karen said...

Excellent ideas and you're right, it's something that a lot of couples do wait until the last minute to plan.

We're having our rehearsal dinner at a local family restaurant that is directly across the street from the social hall where we're having ceremony and reception. Convenience plus; park at the hall, walk across the street to the restaurant.

We aren't able to access the hall until later in the evening so we're having the dinner first, then walking back across the street for the rehearsal.