Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Forgotten Wedding Invitation

Last night I had dinner with the amazingly talented Leeann, owner of Leeann Marie Photography here in Pittsburgh. Naturally, we talked A LOT about weddings, and an interesting topic came up...the wedding invitation. Since the wedding invitation isn't part of the wedding day decor, more often than not any extras get thrown in a box and stored away for a rainy day (aka you end up with no photos of your invitation). To avoid this, we recommend mailing a completed invitation to your photographer a few weeks before the wedding, so he/she can take some high quality photos of your invitation. These photos can be a nice touch to showcase all of the little details you worked so hard on for the last 12+ months. Not to worry if you forget to mail out an invitation, just bring an invitation along with you on the day of the wedding, and you're all set!

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Leeann Marie said...

Yay! Thanks for posting this, Sumer! :)