Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kid-Friendly Activity Station

If you're planning to invite children to your wedding, you may consider putting together a kid-friendly activity station like the one pictured above. Laura, our July 17th bride, created this fun activity station using items from the Dollar Store. My favorite element is the adorable candy centerpiece she made from lolly pops and jelly beans - this was a HUGE hit with the little ones at the reception! Other items she included were coloring books, crayons, a mini curling board game, glow sticks, and even fun party straws. The activity table certainly did not disappoint, and kept the under 10 crowd busy all night!

{tip: use a Styrofoam ball for the top half of the centerpiece & completely cover with lolly pops}

Photo taken from my iPhone {pardon the lack of quality}.  

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fred (fineline weddings) said...

This was so cool. Those two love kids!