Thursday, November 11, 2010

Choosing A Getting Ready Location

An often over-looked aspect by brides is the "getting ready" location on the morning of the wedding. This location should be planned well in advance in order to avoid issues the day of. Some important things to keep in mind when deciding on where you and your attendants will be getting dressed the day of your wedding:
  • Make sure the space is well-lit (natural light from a large window is ideal). Your photographer will thank you for this, and you will end up with nicer photos.  
  • The space should be large enough to accommodate you, your gown, and all of your female attendants. You want room to walk around and breathe - there is nothing worse than being crammed in a tiny bathroom when you're trying to put your makeup on and curl your hair.
  • Make sure there is enough room for any makeup artists and/or hairstylists that will be coming to your getting ready location. Not only should there be enough physical space to accommodate them, there should also be proper resources on-site as well. For example, enough electrical outlets for hair curlers, hot rollers, flat irons, etc... and enough workspace for makeup kits and beauty supplies. 
  • The space should also have plenty of mirrors, particularly a full-length mirror. 
If you are still having trouble narrowing down a getting ready location, consult your wedding planner and/or hair/makeup artist. 

 Photo courtesy of Pamela Marie Photography.

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