Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Marriage Experience

As Summer approaches more and more couples will be glistening with excitement as their wedding day draws near here in the Pittsburgh area...all of the hours you've spent planning your wedding have finally paid off and you'll be able to get some much needed (and deserved) rest! Congrats, your wedding day is almost here! But with all of the excitement surrounding your wedding, its often difficult for couples to actually grow and strengthen their relationship during this time. Premarital counseling is a very controversial topic these days and I can certainly understand why. Many couples are strongly aware of who they are as a person and as a couple, and are confident that premarital counseling is not for them; however, on the other end of the spectrum, other couples feel that premarital counseling is an absolute necessity before marriage. As a wedding planner and just as an individual in general, I feel that while premarital counseling should never be pushed on to any couple, I certainly see a benefit in it. I'm a big advocate for reducing the divorce rate (how could I not be?!). My parents are coming up on their 26th wedding anniversary and even more impressive are my grandparents coming up on their 67th wedding anniversary (and they are just as cute as ever as they age into their mid 90's now!)

Many premarital programs aren't exactly fun...or let's just say they are less than thrilling! However, The Marriage Experience, a unique seminar for engaged and newlywed couples is coming to the Philadelphia area (sadly, no date for Pittsburgh as of yet) on Saturday June 7th. This seminar takes the idea of premarital counseling and turns into it a fun and creative weekend where couples can really get to learn about each other. The seminar takes place at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA. A variety of topics will be discussed from various relationship and marriage experts, including merging lives, gaining insight to and understanding your partner's needs, and why conflict is good for you. Couples can choose to stay just for the day, or the entire weekend. Following the conclusion of the seminar, couples will enjoy a "date night" with a dueling piano and comedy show. The cost to attend the seminar for the day is $189 per couple if you register early and $209 per couple for the regular registration. Weekend retreat costs are as follows: $1,349 per couple for early bird registration & $1,499 per couple for regular registration. For more information or to register for the seminar check out their website directly: The Marriage Experience.

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