Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bridal Shoes

After researching bridal shoes for one of my brides, I wanted to share a few of my findings. Shown below are five favorites of mine! The shoes range in price and apply to a variety of budgets. Click on the link above each shoe for additional details and where you can purchase these shoes.

1. Benjamin Adams Wallace Bridal Shoe

Retails for $239.00. Available in white - hand crafted using duchesse silk & Swarovski crystals.

Retails for $620.00. Great for a splurge item and what girl doesn't love Jimmy Choo shoes?!

3. Grazia Alicia Bridal Shoe

Retails for $210.00. Available in Diamond White & Pearl Ivory.

4. Nina Viliana Bridal Shoe

Retails for $112.99. Available in white satin and are dyeable.

Retails for $89.00. Dyeable silk - available in standard white.

Happy shoe shopping ladies! :)

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Clarissa said...

Awesome collection.. Marriage is very important in a life and bridal shoes are among the most important personal things that bride will have to choose with much care.