Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Feet on Your Wedding Day!

The old saying..."beauty is pain" definitely rings true when it comes to your wedding day...especially in the shoe department. Finding the perfect shoe is hard enough, but finding a shoe that will be comfortable after hours of standing and not to mention dancing, is a task in itself! Your perfect shoe may be miles away from comfortable, but with these tips you'll be well on your way to comfort:

1. Break your shoes in - I cannot stress this enough! While your shoes may feel comfortable at the time you tried them on, chances are they will not feel the same way on your wedding day. Several weeks before the wedding, start to wear your shoes around the house to slowly break them in. Take note of any blisters or sensitive areas that develop and place band-aids or cushions on these areas the day of the wedding.

2. Use insoles - Dr. Scholl's makes wonderful insoles for a variety of shoes and have developed a complete line of insoles and cushions specifically for women. They have insoles designed for every type of shoe you may choose to wear on your wedding day, including ones for open toed shoes. Dr. Scholl's products are available at most drug and retail stores.

3. Be sure the shoe fits - Your wedding day is not the time to "squeeze" into that narrow shoe you just have to have or attempt to wear a size smaller than you actually are. Make sure you shop for your bridal shoes in advance to allow for your correct size to be in stock. I recommend purchasing your shoes no later than 6 weeks before your wedding, if you have not already done so at the time you purchased your gown. Another important thing to remember when purchasing your shoes, is to account for the heel size in relation to where your gown meets the floor. You don't want your gown dragging on the floor in front of you as you walk, and you certainly don't want your gown to stop at your ankles if you choose a heel that is too high.

4. Opt for ballet slippers - If you have your heart set on those beautiful rhinestone stilettos, no need to worry. Go ahead and get 'em! Wear these shoes for your ceremony and into your reception dinner. Just before its time to hit the dance floor, change into a ballet slipper. There are many bridal salons and online bridal stores that carry these and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

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