Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vendor Spotlight:

Cake rentals have become increasingly popular over the last few years; however, the concept of 'renting a cake' is still foreign for some people. Therefore, I wanted to talk a little more about this available service for brides on a budget. (Fun Cakes Rental) is a cake rental company available to brides nationwide (they have shipped to just about all of the 50 states). If you've never heard of this concept before, you're probably asking yourself 'how does all of this work exactly?'. Well, here's how...Fun Cakes uses real fondant & cake decorating techniques to cover foam tiers. Your wedding cake will look and feel very real...just as if you would have ordered directly from a bakery. Inside one of the foam tiers will be a piece of real cake for the bride & groom to cut into for the traditional cake cutting ceremony. Once the cake cutting ceremony is over, the cake will be brought into the kitchen and guests will receive a slice of sheet cake from a local bakery. After the wedding is over, you will ship the cake back to Fun Cakes...hence where the term 'renting a cake' comes from. This service is available for a fraction of the cost of a real wedding cake...custom design & order a traditional 3-tier wedding cake for only $250 (plus shipping) or choose from one of Fun Cakes pre-designed cakes and receive a 3-tier wedding cake for only $150 (plus shipping). Not bad, huh?!

To summarize, here's how to get your very own cake from

  • Choose your cake design from Fun Cakes' many pre-designed cakes or feel free to design your own (they will custom make your cake exactly to your specifications)

  • Secure your wedding date with a refundable deposit ($200)

  • Fun Cakes will design your cake & ship it directly to your door in a sturdy wooden box prior to your wedding date

  • On your wedding day, slide the cake out of the box and display at your reception. Guests will receive a slice of sheet cake from the back and will never know that they weren't eating the exact cake that was originally displayed!

  • Once the wedding is over, place the cake back into the wooden box, ship to Fun Cakes and your $200 deposit will be refunded back to you.

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