Monday, September 22, 2008

Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Reception Venue

A few weeks ago I posted a blog, Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Church so today I thought I would post my Top 15 questions to ask a potential reception venue. Most of the time I am hired to plan a client's wedding before their reception venue is booked; however, there are some instances when the venue is booked before a wedding planner is hired. If this is the case for you, be sure to take this list of questions along when interviewing potential reception facilities - this will make it easier on you when it comes time to choose the best venue for your wedding. No matter what type of venue you desire, these questions will help get you off on the right track!

1. Is there a minimum guest count required in order to book facility? In addition, are there any minimum food/beverage $ amounts that must be spent?

2. Are there any required vendors that we must use? (Some facilities will require that you use a specific caterer, bakery, etc… and other facilities will suggest that you use certain vendors they are associated with; however, you are not obligated to)

3. If specific caterers & bakeries must be used, are there tasting sessions available? If an outside bakery can be used, do you provide cake cutting services?

4. What is required to reserve wedding date? Is there a written contract? When is final payment due? (Always be sure to sign a written contract before any money is exchanged)

5. How many hours can facility be rented for? Are there wedding reception packages available? What are the hourly fees if reception goes over allotted time?

6. Does the venue have all the necessary licenses & permits?

7. What types of dining options do they offer? Buffet, seated, stations, etc…? What are the different price per person $ amounts? Also, is gratuity and tax included in this amount? Are there any special prices for children?

8. Do they provide linens, tables, chairs, glassware, china, silverware, etc? If so, do they provide set-up/take-down of these items?

9. Is there sufficient parking for guests? Is valet available – if so, how much?

10. Are there any music/noise restrictions? Is a DJ/Live Band permitted?

11. Do they provide a dance floor? If so, how many guests can it accommodate?

12. Are there any decorating restrictions?

13. If the venue has a hotel – is a bridal suite/room included with the package? Also, if our guests stay here – are there any discounts associated with their rooms?

14. When is our final headcount due?

15. What is the staff to guest ratio?

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