Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eco-Friendly Wedding Tip :: Purchase Edible Favors

Our second tip in our weekly Green blogging series is to purchase edible favors instead of the usual "trinket" favors {coasters, wine stoppers, candles, etc...}. Too often I see guests forget their favors at their tables, or worse, throw their favors away on the way out the door. For this reason alone, I prefer edible favors. Edible favors can range from personalized candy to chocolate covered pretzels to tea packets. Beau Coup has a nice selection of edible favors to choose from. These types of favors are also a great DIY project!

As an alternative to individual edible favors, I also like the idea of having a candy buffet {as seen pictured above}, ice cream bar, or even coffee bar. These types of "favors" are a nice gesture as they allow guests to choose from a variety of options.

I recently blogged about skipping favors altogether and donating to a charity instead {this may be my favorite option}. You can check out that blog here. Whichever type of favor you choose, remember to also think about the packaging that goes along with it. Even though guests will consume edible favors, they can't consume the packaging. Choose recycled packaging if you can, or choose items with minimal packaging.

Photo courtesy of Paul Meyer Photography.

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Shell said...

Fab idea! I too have always been a big believer in edible favors. I know my guests love me and my fiance, but I don't think the majority of them will want to remember our wedding forever with a monogrammed coaster! :)