Sunday, October 4, 2009

Donating your Flowers

Today's post was inspired by a recent post that I read on the fabulous Elizabeth Anne Designs blog. I absolutely love it when my brides choose to donate their flowers to a local nursing home or hospital. It's such a small thing that one can do to brighten someone's day. As a wedding planner, I've unfortunately thrown away far too many beautiful flower arrangements at the end of the night. With many guests traveling from out of town, and the bride & groom leaving the next morning for their honeymoon, it's often times very difficult to find ways to enjoy the flowers after the reception. If this situation applies to you, I encourage you to find a local organization to donate your centerpieces to. Nursing homes, hospitals, churches, or local charities will all be very appreciative of your donation! Whichever route you choose, be sure to call that organization ahead of time to find out what their process is for accepting donations.

Photo courtesy of InStyle Weddings.

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Jack said...

That's a very nice idea. More thoughtful then leaving them for guests, etc. Nice. Hey, here’s a short video I think you'll appreciate — — about the “aha moment” of a fellow wedding planner. If you like it, click and vote for it and it might wind up as an aha moment TV commercial next year.